Website Designing

High end, innovative and W3C compliant web designing is undertaken at Nocture Solutions. We serve all concepts and orientations in web design and development in a resonant manner!

Website designing at Nocture Solutions

Nocture Solutions is a leading website design company based in India. We cater to clients spread in diverse niches of social economy who approach our desk for the web identities, commerce orientations, social networking & marketing initiatives among others. What makes us stand tall among our competitors is our ability to do the transition dynamically so that the skills and techniques of web design and development are continuously polished! We have therefore succeeded in satisfying the clients through the frontline web design concepts that have now become the leading specializations of industry. We specialize in the following concepts of web design and development -

News and Publication CMSs news portal

News and Publication CMSs -

dynamic and robust online publication websites are developed by us to serve different orientations like online news, notifications, campaigns and others.

ecommerce portal

Ecommerce portals development -

in our commerce web portal development, comprehensive architecture is ensured together with all the desirable and necessary functions like search and navigation in online showcase, inventory management, product comparisons, payment gateways, shipping and tracking mechanisms. Refunds and customer complaints cum feedback channels are also integrated. We also make smart and customized B2B portals in addition to B2C commerce sites.

Banking app

Banking and insurance websites

fluent, secure and hassle-free banking and insurance websites have been developed by us for the companies in the sector. High level encryption mechanisms define these portals.

social networking

Social networking applications and websites

vibrant social networking pages and sites are worked in a resonant manner so as to attract the targeted audiences towards best eWoM.

corporate app

Corporate websites

vibrant social networking pages and sites are worked in a resonant manner so as to attract the targeted audiences towards best eWoM.

event websites

Event websites and participation & campaign portals

we also make event websites for the campaigns of diversity. You can get your campaign (marketing or contest or others) rolling through the engaging online presence that we ensure.

enrollment application

Enrolment and application portals for admissions and recruitments

if you wish to undertake dedicated enrolment and recruitment drive in the popular domains through the web passage, then we can make the matching portals that are complete with the information requisitioning forms, fees payment and registration formalities.

content marketing

Content marketing websites

we have worked dynamic content marketing websites for our clients that wish to engage with the targeted audiences qualitatively towards influencing their thought process through serving of authentic information.

All our web design and development services are marked by -

  • Thorough testing for fluencies and glitches
  • High customization
  • Low cost of development
  • Seamless hosting
  • Best results through perfect resonance
  • Dynamic website maintenance services

Hire developers at Nocture Solutions to outsource the best website development and maintenances at lowest costs!