Augmented Reality App Development

Our AR or augmented reality app development is determining the new standards and frontiers of innovation. We make highly interactive, dynamic and intuitive apps that allow the users to just glide through the info and the superior graphics designs.

Augmented Reality App Development

Nocture Solutions has developed expertise in the emerging niche of augmented reality app development that marks the next generation mobile application design. Augmented reality applications are finding swift resonance with the consumers that are charmed by the interactive and qualitative UX/UI offered by these apps over their smart devices. Through frontline graphic image processing and analytics, we have delivered very engaging and smart apps for the clients in different sectors of socio economic domains.

Augmented Reality App Development

AR app development at Nocture Solutions

The defining aspect of an augmented reality or VR application is the superimposition of the digital information/data over the real environment/pictures/images. Thus a dual layered architecture is created that offers a unique experience to the users who can immerse them in virtual imagery that has been overlaid with the real time information of relevance and desirability. Most such apps superimpose 3 dimensional imagery or text info over the real time images that are web served in real time.

We at Nocture Solutions have developed high competencies for the tech processing and functional overlaying of the real world imagery with the informational text and icons so that an augmented reality app is developed that speaks sense with the user and thus enhances his experience. For making the best quality augmented reality apps through layered UI development for the users, we utilize the capabilities of our top developers who have acquired neat skills in 3D vision, computer based modeling and image analytics among other dimensions of tech relevance.

What we specialize in the segment of AR App -

We offer augmented reality app development in the two leading segments of 'location based' and 'marker based' applications.

location based AR App

Location based AR App

These AR Apps ride upon the ability to identify the location of the device through the GPS and other dimensions and then serves the appropriate information as superimposed on the real world data and images to make the experience more qualitative and authentic. Nocture Solutions has developed apps that help through real time directions, traffic, location based search of institutions like restaurants, taxi or such others. We can make a resonant app for you also!

marker Base App

Marker based AR App

Our marker based AR apps are highly tech driven involving the smart image processing through which the app reads the digital information that is embedded/overlaid in the real world images such as the QR code based apps or those recognizing the company symbols, badges and logos.

Having served clients with innovative and hi tech AR apps in these two categories, we now have the competence in the use of leading platforms of augmented reality apps such as ARPA SDKs, Metaio SDK, Droid AR (for Android platform), ARLab SDK and Wikitude SDK among others.

Nocture Solutions waits to serve you with the utmost capacities!