Web Application & CMS Development

Our web applications glide seamlessly to serve the desired results and we also engage in CMS development for the clients in different niches. Our CMS fluently interface with the databases for the dynamic user requests and never compromise security in any manner.

Web application & CMS development at Nocture Solutions

Nocture Solutions offers frontline web application development for different orientations and initiatives of business and other players in socio economic domain. We have been making fluent and dynamic web applications that perform smoothly in different OS and hardware architecture and thus are assured of fine versatility due to core compatibilities with the leading web browsers. In fact, we hugely focus on making the app browser sensitive so that the UX/UI is maximized and the users feel satisfied.

Our journey as a web application development company began early when we experimented the first concepts in the niches of online retail sales, banking and custom mail apps for the corporate. Today, we are serving through our frontline skills and deliver web apps that offer high level resonance with the objectives of the client.

Web Application & CMS Development

Custom built to your purpose!

Each of the web application is worked from beginning to ensure complete customization. Our top developers undertake detailed analyses to find out the demands to be met and how to develop a better app in comparison with the competitors in the same segment. Thorough testing and bugs screening is done to optimize the potential of the application and we also do app store optimization so as to get it canvassed effectively before the targeted users. We make the following types of web apps -

  • Social networking apps
  • Online gaming apps
  • Online banking and insurance apps
  • Online publication service applications
  • E commerce apps
  • Online music and video apps
  • GPS, tracking and online map application
  • Campaigns and drives
  • Any other concept that the customer demands
Top Developers

CMS development at Nocture Solutions

Nocture Solutions also engages in full fledged CMS development for the clients in different segments. While we started as a website design company in Aurangabad, India, we never remained static and continuously improved our skills to respond to the emergent paradigms of industry. CMS or 'content management systems' have become popular for various concepts like online publications, e-commerce, content marketing, enrolment & recruitment drives and many more. We developed competence at correct time to attempt these concepts and are today held as the leading CMS website design company in India.

Our CMS portals are marked by the following attributes -

CMS portal
  • Dynamic and robust performance
  • Browser and OS resonance for hassle free & best experience
  • High level of customization
  • Effective and easily managed UI for the 'in house' echelons
  • Resilience against the malware and ransomware
  • Lost cost of development and easy maintenance