Come find the best application of the leading technologies of web design and app development through us. We are adept in HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Android, iOS, Cordova and many more and deliver the optimized results each time.

Technologies we Use

Android app

Our Android app developers make fluent performing mobile applications that seamlessly glide through the OS architecture and generate robust functionality. Sheer resonance with the client's orientation and initiative is what we aim for!

ios app

Our iOS expertise is well tested and has aggregated over the time. The iOS developers at Nocture Solutions have been making highly efficient applications that interact fluently with the intricate kernels of iOS and thus ensure the best of results.

ionic app

Our app developers specialize in the hybrid applications design through the use of frontline SDKs like Ionic. They are adept in leveraging the tools and frameworks to make dynamic hybrid applications.

angular app

We make high performance and progressive web applications through the optimized use of platforms like Angular which is considered the leading framework for making highly efficient web apps!

Mean Technology

Our expert app developers make use of whole range of features and framework of the Mean stack for making smart web applications including the hybrid types. Highly intuitive and interactive web apps are assured at Nocture Solutions.

React Technology

Marvelous and intuitive user experiences are guaranteed for the web applications that our developers make through the use of salient platforms such as React. You need not worry about the data dynamism when we design the web apps for you.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Our AI skills mark the new frontiers. The developers at Nocture Solutions are now making smart programs that exhibit programmed automation towards fulfilling diversity of tasks. IoT is also delivered by us under our AI specialization.

cordova Technology

We make high caliber and resonant hybrid applications for multiple platforms through the use of Apache Cordova framework. Our developers are adept in the conditioning of HTML, CSS and javascript coding through Cordova!


Developers at Nocture Solutions are experts in the use of HTML5 for web designing and web app development. We have been using frontline protocols that are compliant with that of W3C and industry standards.

css3 Technology

Web developers at Nocture Solutions make use of CSS3 for enhanced and appealing user interfaces and experience in the web pages and applications. We ensure that your identities in the web remain aesthetically the best!


Our developers make use of MongoDB database types to generate the dynamism towards the data demands. We offer to make advanced data functionalities for diverse orientations including for the corporate web and app requirements.


High performance and data driven CMS and other web orientations are effectively attempted at Nocture Solutions through the efficient use of MySQL relational database management system. You get the fluency and error free operation without compromising the speeds.